Uses For a CPN

 You can receive a CPN which can be used to start a new clean credit file.  You can use your CPN for anything that would normally require credit reporting purposes. ​ Use it to get an apartment, bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, utilities, cable, cell phones, etc.  However, this number does not replace your social  security number and should NOT be used for any government purposes.  


 You are still legally responsible for any transactions or obligations you secure with your CPN.  This  is not a permanent solution. A permanent solution is to fix your real  credit and ​to learn how to use your credit wisely, and not over extend  yourself. ​​​​​​ ​ What we do is provide you with a new, clean credit profile number. ​
We do NOT ever use other people's numbers. Deceased or underage -Issued numbers belong to other people & it  is a federal crime to obtain them to use them.


What we need to set up your CPN

1. Name and DOB of the person wanting the CPN.   

2. Address that is NOT associated with any credit on file. 

3. Phone number that is NOT associated with any credit on file.    

4. Email address that someone can contact you at.   This is the BASIC INFORMATION for starting a credit privacy number. Without it, we cannot move forward.  Call (404) 981 3144 to get started!

Additional info

Do not fall for anyone offering large credit cards with a CPN. It is impossible to do. You must build your CPN just like you would any credit  file. It takes time. It is NOT a quick fix!  

 There are times when the first credit card offered asks for additional  information to activate, this is because the creditors verification  process has changed, if this happens, do not worry. Your CPN is still  good and can still be built upon!  ​  Adding small Authorized User tradelines to your CPN is the best way to  start building credit! If you are interested in this after you get your  CPN, please let us know.  

 This program is not intended to be used as a  method of defrauding banks, creditors, or any other organization that  requires your social security number as identification. This program is  not a method to avoid paying your existing or future debts. If you  created the debt, you are responsible to repay that debt. However, we  will not support, facilitate, nor condone any fraudulent activity. The  information here is informational purposes only and for you to use at  your own risk.