Our Credit Repair Process

 You  won't find hidden fees, extra costs, like with some of the "big" guys, just the best results  possible and with less waiting around. It doesn't matter how bad your credit might seem to be, our service simply works! We take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about  it.   By law, information reported  about you to credit bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant,  substantiated and verifiable. 

 The credit repair we offer, we do not ghost the negative items, but we have them deleted!  Our process is a rather quick fix and it takes just several weeks to see the first deletions removed off of your credit  file. Anyone who says sooner, is lying to you. There are NO INSTANT REMOVALS with negative credit deletions. Some companies will say they come off  instantly, but the best thing to always remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  

Getting started with us...

 All you need is the following to begin:

1. login, sign up on their website. This must remain active during the process. 

2. Copy of ID & SS or utility bill showing name and address.

3. Payment to start the process.   Once submitted, sit back and we do all the work for you.  

Through our simple but powerful process, we help to ensure that credit companies can't abuse these  standards. 

Credit Explained

 When you apply for credit – whether for a credit card, a car loan, or a  mortgage – lenders want to know what risk they’d take by loaning money  to you. FICO® scores are the credit scores most lenders use to determine  your credit risk 

Your credit will not fix itself!